On behalf of the Friendefi ‘Team’, I’m extremely pleased to write the inaugural entry for our company blog.

Friendefi is a new company based in Montreal.  We’re developing a platform for loyalty programs to change the way they interact with and offer promotions to their memberships using social media and gamification (for more on this, go to ‘Our Solution’).  And we’re extremely excited about the prospects for creating a new business venture and developing a new market.

We’re also looking forward to many ‘firsts’.  Next week we expect to launch our website, putting a public face on the company.  And following shortly after, we look forward to launching the beta version of our platform.  Beyond that, who knows?  We’re in active discussions with prospective clients and investors and have ambitious plans for rapid growth.

So, stay tuned as we look forward to sharing many other ‘firsts’ as well as opinions and perspectives in the coming months.


Aaron, CEO & Founder