At Friendefi, we’re pretty busy building-out our new interactive gamification platform.  But when we got a call from the big man in the North Pole – that’s right, Saint Nick himself – who were we to turn down a last-minute gig?

North Pole

It turns out that Santa (he’s a pretty informal guy) had already successfully implemented various gamified applications within his production and customer service operations.  We won’t name names, but he’s using some pretty big enterprise applications with gamification functionality – he is, after all, running a serious manufacturing, logistics, and customer service operation.  So, we wondered how we could help.

Santa cut right to the chase (he’s also no nonsense when it comes to business).  He told us that his Business Intelligence team had uncovered some pretty discouraging trends amongst children over the past decade.  While the majority of children are still “nice” and not “naughty”, a growing segment appeared unengaged with Christmas and generally apathetic towards good behaviour.  Moreover, his BI team indicated that the current trends could become a real problem in the next few years if not addressed now.

So he told us, “I need you to help me gamify Christmas and get children all over the world more excited about being good!”

Our collective “holy cow” reaction was nearly audible, but our Team Lead replied enthusiastically the next moment: “No problem, Santa, we’re engagement experts and have just the gamification solution for you!”

And so, we set off on our task to gamify Christmas.  How did we do it?  Well, if over the next year you hear your kids talking about earning “Nice Points” and “leveling-up” to compare their good behaviour achievements with other kids in Santa’s social network, you’ll know.  And, don’t be alarmed if your children are late for dinner because they’re busy competing in a challenge with their friends to out-do one another with good behavior.  But mostly, if you notice a distinct improvement in your kid’s behaviour – it could little things like preparing the table before dinner (10 Nice Points) or cleaning their rooms (25 Nice Points) or even telephoning their grandparents to hear how they’re doing (50 Nice Points) – then you’ll know…

In the meantime, the team at Friendefi wishes everyone a very happy holiday season and offers you our best wishes for a tremendous 2013!

Happy Holidays