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News Release

Montreal, QC (March 7, 2013) – Friendefi Inc. announced today the launch of its social gamification platform with Aeroplan, Canada’s premier coalition loyalty program, to provide its members with a novel way of earning Aeroplan Miles through social media as part of Aeroplan’s Star Challenge promotion.

Starting today until April 10, 2013, Aeroplan Members that register for the Star Challenge promotion will be able to earn Stars towards bonus miles for social activities on Facebook.  Friendefi is providing Aeroplan with a branded Facebook application that tracks members’ social activities – from referring friends to the promotion, to following Aeroplan on Twitter, to answering trivia questions.

“For this year’s Star Challenge promotion, Aeroplan wanted to offer members more ways to earn Stars and ultimately bonus miles, while increasing member engagement with the program through social channels,” said Tarik Qahawish, Director, Digital Marketing Strategy & Communications, Aeroplan.  “With Friendefi, we quickly got a branded Facebook application with customized game mechanics that offers a fun and engaging experience for our members.”

Through a variety of social media and gamification features, Friendefi’s platform allows loyalty programs to offer fun and engaging promotions where their members can invite, share, or even compare their program activities with their social network friends.  These activities may include purchasing products and services (from program-affiliated merchants and service providers) to activities within the program’s social media properties.  Similarly, programs can offer promotions where their members can compete or collaborate in their pursuit of earning rewards.  And though it is designed to be an ‘app’ within popular social networks such as Facebook, the platform can be deployed stand-alone and through mobile providing flexibility to both loyalty programs and their memberships.

“Our platform is purpose-built for loyalty programs to offer interactive promotions through social networks,” said Aaron Carr, Friendefi CEO and Founder.  “The platform helps loyalty programs turn their promotions into fun games or challenges their members play with friends.  By doing so, we’re providing loyalty marketers a new way of getting consumers excited and engaged with their programs.”

About Friendefi

Friendefi Inc. is a privately owned company that owns and operates a proprietary social gamification platform aimed at helping loyalty programs create fun, social, and interactive promotions that increase membership engagement and profitability.

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